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It is imperative that you read this information in its entirety as school hours, as well as arrival and dismissal times and procedures, have changed.

School beginning and ending times, as well as the times parents can enter the parking lot to queue for dismissal are listed in the table below:

Grade of Student Color of Placard (based on youngest sibling) School beginning and ending times Time to be in queue for arrival Time to be in queue for dismissal
Kinder, 1st, & 2nd Red 8:30 – 3:15 8:10 – 8:40 3:00 – 3:25
3rd, 4th, & 5th Blue 8:00 – 2:45 7:40 – 8:05 2:25 – 2:55
Middle School Green 8:00 – 3:25 7:40 – 8:10 3:05 – 3:35
High School Yellow 8:00 – 2:55 7:40 – 8:10 2:35 – 3:00

*Help sessions are open to all middle and high school students.  Students who are attending helps sessions should arrive between 7:15 a.m.-7:20 a.m.

*Students who are in sibling connection (multiple students in elementary, middle, and/or high school from the same family) will be picked up at the latest dismissal time and location of the family’s youngest sibling(s).

*All student city bus riders will be held until five minutes before the student’s bus is scheduled to arrive.  The approval form for city bus riders must be signed by the student, parent, and myself before the student will be allowed to leave campus for the city bus stop.

*Students who live within two miles of the school or who have parents who work within two miles of the school must provide proof of address or work place along with a walker approval form.  Students who are approved as walkers will be released at 3:30. Students who remain on campus will be placed in extended day and parents will be required to pay a fee for supervision.

Entrances to the arrival and dismissal times will be closed until the queueing times begin (as indicated above).  Two Police Officers will be assisting us with dismissal daily.  These Officers have been asked to monitor the entrances of the school, ensuring that the correct cars, based on their displayed colored school placard, are in the car queue at the designated and permitted times.  If a car is in line that does not have the correct colored school placard, the Officer will ask that the parent remove the car from the car line queue and remind parents not to enter the queue until the proper time as designated above.

Please know that as a school, DCSB/DCHS has done everything possible to work with our business park neighbors and have asked several times for your cooperation in reducing traffic congestion and eliminating parents parking in surrounding businesses.  Our children will model what we show them. I am asking for your commitment and dedication in following this procedure so that we can remain excellent – not just in academics – but in our character as well.


Kimberly D. Stidham